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ReallyEasyCart's Online Store

ReallyEasyCart has been designed as an easy entry into ecommerce for UK businesses and startups.

Our extensive experience of successfully selling via ecommerce, including the fact our own friends and family use our online stores, means we know what's really useful to help sales and, importantly, that the store must be really easy to use. So we made a lean, mean selling machine that does just  that - in fact it's so good we created this site using it!

Works Straight Out Of The Box...

A lot of online stores are expensive to set up, customise and maintain and often need the help of costly web designers. ReallyEasyCart works straight out of the box. All you have to do is enter your business details, Paypal account and products and you're up-and-running.

Easy Design & Branding

We've made it really easy to pick the colours of your website, to add your own logo and custom header file and to click options for positioning your content layout on your pages. You can change the look of your site using either the existing templates or you can create your own colour schemes using our click-and-turn colour picker. That means you could save templates for different seasons, for special occasions such as Christmas, or just because you want to give your visitors a change! If you want a design made especially for you, then we also provide a Custom Design Service, simply call us to discuss your requirement.

Simple To Set Up

It takes literally minutes to set up your online store via the Admin Centre:

  1. Enter your business information
  2. Pick your colour scheme, upload your logo
  3. Add Shipping & Delivery Services, plus your Terms and Contact pages
  4. Add your products & set your promotions
  5. Begin taking sales


Easy To Manage

Thanks to the latest web technologies, it is possible to make an online store which is very easy to manage:

  • Use drag'n'drop, to organise the sequence of your products and gallery images easily
  • Add or change product options, pricing and delivery serviceseasily
  • See what's on special offer, featured or upcoming in our gallery-style format
  • Keep score on who's visiting your website with our graphical Scorecard visitor tracking system

Easy To Market

With massive growth in online shopping, it's important that your store is search engine friendly and has built-in features to help it zoom up the rankings!  We have focussed heavily on designing an online store to do just that:

  • Be Search engine friendly - your products are search engine friendly and ready-to-index
  • Be Search engine optimised - each page is presented to the search engine fully optimised
  • Add testimonials - testimonials will encourage buyers and help increase your ranking
  • Collect product reviews - let your customers leave their reviews and generate relevant content
  • Get Blogging - keep visitors up to date with all your news, more content equals higher ranking
  • Get bookmarked - give people the chance to bookmark you on all their favourite networks, from facebook to digg, twitter to stumbleupon, there are lots of ways to share your site with friends!
  • Tweet the world - Use Twitter to keep your followers up to date with news, products and special offers
  • Sell On Facebook - Get your store to appear inside Facebook' and access millions of people

Get The Insider's Guide On How To Succeed With Your Shop

Benefit from our Internet Marketing Research and Strategy report which analyzes your particular marketplace and your competition, detailing what you need to do to be successful and how much it is likely to cost to achieve your goals. This is an invaluable service for anyone serious about making their shop a success. The charge for this report is an incredibly low £295 - it will be the best start to your online success guaranteed!

Sales Content Optimiser

Display the products people are searching for as soon as they see your site. The system interrogates all incoming traffic and serves up products relevant to the search term, ensuring your visitors find what they are looking for right away and giving you the best chance of conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not very technical, is this system easy to use? Yes, we have designed ReallyEasyCart to be the simplest online store on the web, whatever your level of knowledge about ecommerce.

Is this store suitable for UK businesses? Yes, this has been designed for the UK market primarily, though you can set the store to work in US dollars and Euro.

What other countries can use this store? The store will work in most English-speaking countries, but we have specifically targeted the US, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, where we have our own servers and support services available.

How many products and categories can I add? You can add as many categories, sub-categories and products as you like , there is no limit. If you intend to add thousands of products then talk to us first as we will be able to provide specific guidance on implementing a large ecommerce store.  

Can I add options to products such as size and colour?Yes, you can set up as many different types of options as you want and you can add/deduct money for each option too.

Is it easy to set up delivery charges? Yes, we have made it simple by setting 5 delivery zones based on our experience of what is most needed e.g. UK mainland, UK Islands & Highlands (eg Scilly Isles, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Hebrides), Europe, US, Worldwide. You can also add multiple delivery services to handle standard shipping, recorded delivery, airmail etc. 

Can I set up Free Delivery? Yes, simply tick Free Delivey in Site Setup in the Admin Centre and all deliveries will be free of charge.

Can I set up Flat Rate Delivery? Yes, simply set up a Flat Rate delivery service and enter how much you wish to charge.

Can I vary delivery charges for individual products, especially bulky items? Yes, you can record delivery charges against individual products. These will add to the delivery service charge .

Can I set up a priority despatch surcharge? Yes, you can add a percentage uplift charge based on the total order value in the delivery service settings.

Can I translate my online store into another language? At present, only English is supported, but we are introducing a multi-language, multi-currency version in the future.

Can I add other payment systems as well as Paypal? We currently support Paypal, mainly because it is the mosted trusted payment processing system available and encourages people to buy from your online store. We will be adding additional payment processors shortly, including PROTX.

Can people pay by credit or debit cards? Yes, they have the facility to pay by card when they reach the payment processing screen on Paypal, without having to register with them.

Can I add testimonials easily? Yes, there is a testimonials page which formats your testimonials for you.

Can I add a blog? Yes, you can add a blog / news page to your website, which can feature latest stories on your home page via an admin option.

Can I add a gallery? Yes, you can add a gallery, with album categories, to store images and you can use drag'n'drop to organise the order in which they appear.

Can I change the website design myself or do I need an expert? ReallyEasyCart is designed to be simple to add your own logo, customised header image and tochange the website colours easily using pre-set templates or using a colour picker to create your own scheme. Try it for yourself, it's exciting to see how your colour combinations work out! Once you have a scheme you like, you can also save it as a template. This is great if you have different colour schemes for each season, eg Spring or Summer, or an event such as Christmas. You can easily switch between your different schemes dependent upon the time of the year. So, no you don't need a designer as it's really easy to do yourself.

Is it easy to promote products? Yes, you simply change the status of a product to Special (i.e. on sale), Featured or Upcoming (i.e. no price appears).

Is it easy to upload my own images? Yes, there is a simple upload facility for all images used on the site.

Do I have to prepare my images in any way? Ensure your images are of good quality and 'sell' your product. Images should be on larger than 100Kb in size and ideal dimensions are 600x600 pixels.

How do I 'SEO' my site? You can easily add important Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) information such as the title of your web pages, keywords and search engine descriptions via admin. We have already Search Engine Optimised your site for your product pages, which is a major part of what is needed, making them search engine friendly. We also advise you to add testimonials and blog entries as the more content that's relevant to your site's products, the higher up the search engines you will go.

How do I market my site across the web? The best way to market your site is to make sure you have lots of descriptive content for your products, add testimonials, blog about your products and service via the News function and post comments about your site in forums and blogs on the internet. We realise that this is a time-consuming and specialist activity so we provide a search engine marketing service and market analysis service. Refer to our prices page for full details.

Is it easy to get support? We provide a range of training and suport services, including reasonable telephone support. Refer to our prices page for full details.

Can you create a design for me? Yes, we provide a range of design services, simply refer to our prices page for full details.

Can I market my site in Facebook? Yes, we can set up your store to work inside Facebook, please refer to our prices page for full details.

How do I cancel my subscription? Subscriptions are set up on Paypal, which you control and can cancel at any time. We ask that you let us know if you are about to cancel a subscription in case we can help  or offer alternatives. Once we receive notice of cancellation or non-payment, we suspend then delete the site within 30 days.

Can I transfer my site to another provider? You can transfer your domain name to another provider but not the software itself as its use is licenced on a subscription basis and you do not own it. We can provide an export of your basic product data upon request for a charge in proportion to the time we estimate it will take to complete the request, payable in advance.